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Awesome Color Mixer For Designers And Lovers

Simple, minimalistic and easy to use color mixer to mix 16 million colors using one click color picker. This tool can be used just for fun, however, its main target audience are designer looking to create awesome color pallets for their projects.

A while ago we created a simple yet nice color mixer which does what it says it does, it mixes together two colors and gets 16 color variations with RGB and HEX color codes along them that can be further used in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other photo and graphic editing tools. The entire code base is not entirely written by us and we forked some code from GitHub, however, we did a lot of modification to suit our needs. We created this handy tool using Bootstrap 3 frontend framework which is widely used for front end and admin dashboard because of mobile first approach. Yes, this color mixer is fully responsive and is optimized to work on any device such as tablets, smartphones and desktops.

We used the same design as for Metro Color color palette. We are currently working on completely new design for these pages that will be optimized to work with other tools and content types. Right now it has several limitations that holds us back from using it for color palettes, color pickers, automated color detectors and other tools we would like to introduce in the following months.

This is the first tool in the series for color manipulation, editing, and palette creating. As you can see our domain names and we would like to keep on this topic. We are not going to reveal any more details but you will find it out on your own.

If you feel that something is missing from this color mixer or you are getting some errors or colors are not blended accurately, please let us know and we will fix it ASAP. We are here to create tools that will make your life easier as designer or regular user looking into mixing colors for fund or for some projects.

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